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Mel Mara - $2,200 inc GST


Check out our first edition of E-News below, featuring the one and only Mel Mara!


  Bay Foaled 2009 Height 16.2hh

p,1:47 $1,028,350



Age Starts Wins Seconds Thirds Earnings Fastest

2 5 1 2 0 $37,424 1:52.m

3 20 4 3 1 $339,033 1:49.1m

4 16 3 2 0 $67,020 1:51.2h

5 4 2 0 1 $14,400 1:50.f

7 26 8 4 5 $248,540 1:47m

8 16 5 3 1 $277,438 1:48m

9 16 3 4 1 $44,495 1:49.2f

TOTAL 103 26 18 9 $1,028,350 1:47m

At 3, wnr Final Ontario Sires Stakes Gold, Bluegrass Stakes, elim Upper Canada Cup; 2nd in Final Ontario Sires Stakes Gold, John Simpson Mememorial, elim Breeders Crown; 3rd in Final Upper Canada Cup. At 7, wnr PHHA Invitational; 3rd in Invitational, Kane Invitational, elim Ben Franklin Pace. At 8, wnr elim Ben Franklin Pace; 2nd in Final Ben Franklin Pace, Sam McKee Memorial; 3rd in Allerage Farm Pace.




LIS MARA p3,1:51.4; p4,1:47.3 $2,141,661. Sire of: 181 winners in North America from 307 foals. 46 $100k wnrs, 2 $500k wnrs, and 1 millionaire for total stakes of $14.5 million. 81 in 1:55 and 4 in sub 1:50. 50 winners in Australia from 167 foals. 12 $100k wnrs, 2 $250k wnrs for total stakes of $1.3 million. 24 in 1:55 and 3 in 1:50. 104 winners in NZ from 274 foals. 2 $100k wnrs for total stakes of $2.5 million. 17 in 1:55 and 3 in 1:50. (as at May 2019, and includes double-ups as progeny have raced in more than one country).


1st Dam:

M L Revrac (Matt’s Scooter) From 6 foals. Dam of 4 winners, 1 in 1:50, 3 in 1:55:MEL MARA (Lis Mara) p2,1:52; p3,1:49.1; p,1:47 $1,028,397. World Champion.

ML’S BOY (Sportsmaster) p2,1:52.3; p,1:50.2f $285,783. 40 wins, 2 thru 10. At 2, winner elimination Governor’s Cup, five Illinois Fair Stakes; second in elimination Illinois State Fair Colt Stakes.; third in Illinois Fair Stakes. At 3, second in Final Spring Championship, elimination Maywood Pace, elimination Cardinal Stakes.

ML’S GIRL (m, Sportsmaster) p,3,1:57.2; p,1:55f; $36,935. 8 wins, 3 thru 6. At 2, second in Illinois Fair Stakes. At 3, winner Illinois Fair Stakes; second in Illinois Fair Stakes; third in Illinois Fair Stakes.

2nd Dam:

Just Peachy ( Nihilator) Dam of 6 winners, 2 in 1:55 including…

DEE REVRAC (Mantese) p21:57.4; p3,1:52.1; p,1:51.1 $293,966. 36 wins. At 3, 3rd in Winter Time Stakes. At 4, wnr leg Trendsetter Senior Series.

Get A Grip Kid (m, Matt’s Scooter) p3,2:00.4h; p,1:57. p4,1:58; $30,578. 4 wins, 2 thru 4. At 2, winner two Illinois Fair Stakes; second in four Illinois Fair Stakes; third in Downstate Classic, Illinois Fair Stakes. At 3, second in two Illinois Fair Stakes.

HOLY MUFFLER (Cole Muffler) p3,1:54.2 $8,966. 3 wins at 3. At 2, third in Illinois Fair Stakes. At 3, winner two Illinois Fair Stakes; second in Illinois Fair Stakes; third in County Fair Challenge - A, Downstate Classic, three Illinois Fair Stake’s.

M L Revrac (m, Matt’s Scooter). As above.

Peachy Revrac. Dam of:

FAITH LEIGH p2,1:53; p3,1:51.1 $282,416. Dam of:FRONTIER TELAPHRAS p2,1:52s $56,530. PEACHYS PISTOL p2,1:52.3; p3,1:52.1; p4,1:51.4f $259,030.RONNIE REVRAC p3,2:00h; p4,1:55.2f $124,404 Kyra Revac p3,1:58.4h $22,590. Dam of: BOYS ROUND HERE p3,1:53.1; p,1:51.1 $147,917. INCREDIBLE KATIE p2,1:52.3s $8,714. Dam of:DEE ROCKS p2,1:52.3; p3,1:51.2 $318,862. MR LELAND’S FILLY p2,1:53.2; p3,1:53 $199,588.

3rd Dam:

PEACHBOTTOM (Oil Burner) p2,tt,1:56; t3,1:55.3 $348,609. 9 wins at 2 and 3. At 2, wnr Lady Baltimore Pace, La Paloma Pace, elim Sweetheart Pace, elim John Chapman Mem; 2nd in Countess Adios Stakes. At 3, wnr Ladyship Stakes, Fan Hanover Stakes, leg New Jersey Sires Stakes; 2nd in elim Miss New Jersey Stakes. Dam of:ARMBRO PEACHIE (m Artsplace) p2,1:55.4; p3,1:53.1 $165,904. 8 wins, 2 thru 4. At 2, wnr cons New Jersey Sires Staes; 2nd in leg Trillium Pace; 3rd in Champlain Stakes, elim Sweetheart Pace. At 3, wnr Ladyship Stakes. Dam of:ARMBRO WAVE p2,1:58s; p3,1:52.4s $270,362.

Armbro Apricot. Dam of:APRICOT BRANDY p3,1:52.2s $188,364. OUTLIER p3,1:55.2s; p,1:53f $100,191.HE’S MY PEACH (m, Sonsam) p2,1:57.3 $124,647. 2 wins at 2. At 2, 2nd in International Stallion Stakes, American- National Stakes, Hayes Mem., New York State Fair Stakes, elim Hoosier Futurity and Final; 3rd in Debutante Stakes. Dam of: Coco Peach, Dam of:WARRAWEE CAESAR p2,1:55.4s; p3,1:52.1f $291,582.WARRAWEE HARDY p2,1:59.4h; p4,1:55.1f $79,279.

CREW ANGEL (m, Abercrombie) p2,1:54.1f; $37,523. 4 wins at 2. At 2, winner The Standardbred S.; second in Debutante S., elim. Three Diamonds P.; third in elim. Breeders Crown at Garden State. At 3, second in elim. American-National S. Dam of:CANNAE PEACH p2,1:54.3; p3,1:53f $314,366. Dam of:CANNAE CAMMIE p2,1:53.4; p3,1:50.2f $538,140. SHARK ON BOARD p3,1:52.4s; p,1:51.3f $139,131.CANNAE PRINCESS p2,1:55.2; p3,1:52.3f $139,729. PEACHY p2,1:54.1f $86,990. BIG LEAGUE BARRY p3,1:51.1s $284,967. ANGEL OFTHE WEST p2,1:57.4f; p3,1:53f $201,361.ANGEL PLUS p2,1:55.3f; p3,1:52.3f $107,995 Armbro Nectarine (m Direct Scooter) p2,1:57.1 $16,210. Winner at 2. At 2, winner leg New Jersey Sires S. at Meadowlands. Dam of: IDEAL JIMMY p,2,1:51f $758,026. IDEAL NECTARINE p2,1:53; p3,1:52.3; p,1:50 $607,445.ENHANCE THE NIGHT p3,1:52.3; p,1:50.4f $566,272. Dam of TERROR AT NIGHT p2,1:54.1f; p3,1:50.4f $434,870.ENHANCE YOUR MIND p,1:50.2f $259,310. HIGH REWARD p2,1:53.1f; p3,1:52.4f $154,397.IDEAL DANNY p2,1:53.3; p3,1:50.4; p4,1:50.3f $469,095.TOMMY’S LUCK p2,1:54.3; p,1:50.2 $276,409.IDEAL HELEN p2,1:53.3 $194,060. IDEAL GINNY p3,1:52.3 $135,809.IDEAL IKE p2,1:53.1f; p3,1:53f $128,870. SWEET NECTARINE p3,1:56.2; p4,1:53 $57,152. Dam of: ORR HANOVER p2,1:56.2f; p3,1:54.1f; p1:51.2h $387,455. SUCROSE HANOVER p3,1:54f; p,1:51.4f $332,176.AMANDEROSA p3,1:54.2f; p,1:50.4f $209,279. SHE CANTSAY NO p2,1:57.2 $9,120. Dam of: SILENT SWING p2,1:51.4; p,1:48.4 $2,090,232.

4th Dam:Gidget Lobell (Overtrick) p3,2:00.3f $14,829. 7 wins at 3. From 11 living foals, dam of 7 winners, 2 in 1:55, 5 in 2:00, including…NO NUKES (Oil Burner) p3,1:52.1 $572,430. 10 wins at 2 and 3. Hall of Fame in 2003. PEACHBOTTOM (m, Oil Burner) p3,1:55.3 $348,609. As above.


For further information contact John Coffey: 0429 278 279