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2022 Llowalong Roster Announced

Llowalong Bonus Stallions Strip

Llowalong Farms is proud to formally announce our diverse 2022 roster of quality sires, available to breeders across Australasia. New to the list this season are the exciting Canadian freshman, CENTURY FARROH, a son of Mach Three, and the New Zealand star cut down in his prime, RAGING BULL.

Back to Llowalong Farms after being purchased by the stud is the son of Rocknroll Hanover, YANKEE ROCKSTAR, and continuing on this year will be MEL MARA, trotting superstar PASTOR STEPHEN and BACARDI LINDY. In partnership with Woodlands Stud, we will be standing AMERICAN IDEAL and LATHER UP in the flesh. With the top flight Lauriston Bloodstock, we are offering POSTER BOY, and SOHO TRIBECA comes back to us from the flagship Soho Standardbreds operation.

“With such diverse bloodlines across our roster, we are looking forward to matching these sires with a wide range of mares across Australasia,” said Llowalong Farms’ John Coffey.

New this season for Pastor Stephen, Raging Bull, Poster Boy, Yankee Rockstar and Lather Up is our rich Llowalong Farms Stallion Bonus. Vicbred progeny from 2022-23 services are eligible to win one of four $100,000 bonuses in the 2026 Vicbred Super Series 2YO Finals, providing a huge incentive for both breeders who breed to race and also those who breed to sell. If a 2024 foal of any of these five sires wins one of the trotting or pacing finals of the 2YO series, the owner will be paid a $100,000 cash bonus by Llowalong, over and above other advertised prizemoney and bonuses.

“We see this as a terrific way to both encourage breeders to match their mares with these quality sires, but also to support breeding in Victoria, where we are based,” said studmaster Dr Kath McIntosh. “To link these rich bonuses to the already strong Vicbred scheme made perfect sense to really drive home how much benefit there is to breed, own and race in Victoria. It’s exciting to think that if 2YOs by these boys win all four of the finals, we’ll be handing over $400,000 to owners who committed to Vicbred and to Llowalong Farms.

“We are backing our boys in to match it with the best stallions in the world to win these elite two-year-old races,” McIntosh continued. “We want to support the breeder by incentivising their yearlings, making them more attractive to astute buyers looking to capitalise on their purchases through the yearling sales.”

The stallions on the 2022 roster cover a range of futurity schemes, including Vicbred, but most depend on where the mare is inseminated and foaled down, and where the foal is registered. Bacardi Lindy will be the sole frozen semen sire this year with all others available as fresh or chilled semen. Excitingly, Raging Bull, Poster Boy, Soho Tribeca and Yankee Rockstar are all locally bred, making their progeny eligible for the VicbredPure stream of Victoria’s Vicbred futurity program, which carries a $12,000 First Win Bonus.

Pedigrees, videos and photos can be found for each of the stallions on the nrequine.com.au website under ‘Stallions’ and each sire has a dedicated photo album for him and his progeny on our Facebook Page. Breeders can also get a first-hand look at our on-farm stallions with the 2022 Llowalong Stallion Parade on Sunday 4 September – refer to other news listings or our Facebook page for details.

John and the team are available to discuss your mare’s pedigree and suitable matches in detail at any time – contact the team via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone 03 5852 2845.