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Weaning, Handling & Yearling Sales Preparation


Weaning & Handling

We offer a weaning and handling service for your foals, teaching them to tie up, lead and pick their feet up. After their initial intensive handling period, weanlings come in every 6 weeks to have their feet trimmed and be further handled. They are hard fed a high protein diet twice a day to optimise growth and development. They are also rotated from paddock to paddock consisting of sub and rye grass mixtures.

 Weanling prep


Yearling Sales Preparation

We also offer yearling preparation for sales. This consists of tailored hard feeding and daily exercise to build top line and muscle as well as grooming, washing and rugging to achieve a good coat. They also undergo further education in leading in order to achieve the best presentation in the sales ring.


Yearling prep Kath


Lot 230 Art Major x Sugarland

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